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Thank You to Our Participating Polo Teams in Polo in the Pines 2017!

Looking Forward to Another Great Year of Polo in 2018!
About the Game of Polo:

A typical match consists of 6 chukkers, or periods of 7 minutes each.

There are four players on each side, and due to the rapidity with which conditions change during play, all players must be able to interchange positions as the situation demands.

Penalties are exacted by mounted umpires according to the severity of the foul committed. The most common foul committed is “crossing:” when an opposing player rides across in front of a player who is on the line of the ball at a distance that causes the player having the right of way to check his pony in order to avoid a collision. 

The field is 300 yards long by 160 yards wide.

Players hit the ball with the side of the mallet head, not the end. 

The ball is made of solid bamboo root or plastic and is 3¼ inches in diameter and weighs between 4¼ and 4¾ ounces. Mallets come in lengths of 49, 50, 51, and 52 inches- selection is made according to the height of the pony being played.

The ponies are actually horses averaging 15½ hands high (or 62 inches) and weighing 900 to 1050 pounds.

Interested in playing polo?  Contact Jolie Liston for more information.  
Jolie Liston, Polo Director
Atlanta Regional Polo Center